PortaPlus Products

FTP Client Porta+ FTP Client
A FTP Client for Windows and Pocket PC that gives you a fast, easy and reliable way to transfer files and directories (upload or download) between your computer and FTP server. Working with PortaPlus FTP Client is as simple as dragging files and directories from Windows Explorer onto the PortaPlus FTP Client.

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WebSite Monitor Porta+ WebSite Monitor
WebSite Monitor is a web site monitoring software program that runs on your mobile device and periodically checks your website in the background. If your web site goes down it will immediately alert you.

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Private Notes Porta+ Private Notes
A Personal Information Manager, or PIM in short, which enables you to organize and securely store your important, personal, and sensitive information in a strongly encrypted (Rijndael) database file. This information will be accessible from your personal computer or your Pocket PC.

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Free logical game for Windows Mobile Porta+ 15 Cells Game
A Free logical (puzzle) game for Windows based (Windows Mobile, Pocket PC and/or Smartphone) handheld devices. Arrange the cells in the correct order (from 1 to 15) in order to win.

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