RSS News Feed

What is RSS Feed?
The RSS (Really Simple Syndication) format is used to receive the latest headlines and short descriptions from a web site, without actively visiting the site.

What do I need to use RSS Feed?
To read headlines and introductions from the PortaPlus in RSS you need a special news reader that displays this content from sites you select.

Some browsers like Opera or Mozilla Firefox have the RSS function built-in, while others need to download an extension. If your browser supports RSS you can make a "Live bookmark", a bookmark which is regularly updated. Some e-mail programs like Mozilla Thunderbird make it possible for you to receive RSS news directly in your inbox. There are also certain programs, that you can download and install, only for reading RSS.

Address to the PortaPlus RSS News Feed
Use the following addresses if you need to add an URL to a RSS source manually in your RSS reader:
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