Porta+ WebSite Monitor v1.0

WebSite Monitor Monitor your website 24/7/365 from your mobile device.
No subscription fees, you pay once and use it forever.

Porta+ WebSite Monitor is a software program for monitoring of websites. It runs on the background of your portable mobile device and periodically checks your web site insuring that it operates properly. In addition to the standard checks, Porta+ WebSite Monitor allows to do customized checks.
For example, you may want to write a script (PHP, ASP, JAVA, etc.) that runs on your web server and checks your database integrity and performance. Porta+ WebSite Monitor will periodically run this scrip and then will verify the returned results.

Why to Do Website Monitoring?
It is may sound not that exciting as launching a new website, however, the stable operation of on-line set-ups is more crucial customer wise. Maintaining consistent operations of all online systems is very important as it influences such factors as customer trust and loyalty; therefore, if your systems operate on the 24x7x365 basis with the minimum of the system downtimes costs, it maximizes the level of reputation for your online business in the customer eyes.

Why Porta+ WebSite Monitor?
Porta+ WebSite Monitor works on your portable mobile device, which is always with you. You may miss or lose the alert email or SMS, or such alerts may come too late. The Porta+ WebSite Monitor produces the immediate alarms using any available facilities of your portable mobile device, which includes sounds, vibration, or/and light blinking to attract your attention. This provides you with the unbeatable benefits on being always in control of your online systems. Another advantage is that to use the program there is no need to pay a monthly subscription fee. You pay only once and use it forever.

How does Porta+ WebSite Monitor work?
Porta+ WebSite Monitor periodically wakes your mobile device up, creates a connection to the Internet and performs all required tests. If your web site operates properly and all tests are successful, then the program switches back silently in the standby mode, and user does not notice its operation. If testing fails then the program repeats testing in few seconds, and if the second testing also fails then program will immediately alert you.

Scheduled Tasks
Using the Integrated Schedule feature, you can set the program doing tests only at the certain day hours (for example, only when you are out of the office).

Optimized Energy Consumption
Highly optimized Integrated Scheduler will wake your portable mobile device up and use it only when Porta+ Website Monitor needs to perform testing. The operation of program will not affect the battery durability and service period of your portable mobile device.

Unlimited Number of Websites
You can specify any number of websites to be monitored and each of them can have own settings.

Basic and Advanced Checking Modes
In the Basic Mode the program simply downloads a specified webpage or a file performing verification of availability of your website and the returned server code. You can limit the size of the downloaded web pages and files in order to save the Internet traffic usage.

Experienced users may use the Advanced Mode of the program to perform more detailed tests. In this mode, Porta+ WebSite Monitor calls your own scripts (PHP, ASP, JAVA or any other dynamic content) on your web server and then verifies the returned results. If your script returns an error, the program will alert you immediately, even if your web site is up and the static HTML pages are downloaded properly.

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Free one year program upgrades, even major new releases
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Pocket PC 2003 or Windows Mobile 5.0 ARM
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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