Uploading and downloading files and directories

Drag & Drop: Connect to the required FTP server from your Porta+ FTP Client on one side, and open the necessary files and directories in Windows Explorer on another side. Drag & Drop files and directories from Windows Explorer into the Porta+ FTP Client window, and the upload operation should start immediately. In order to download files from the FTP server onto your local computer, Drag & Drop them from Porta+ FTP Client window into Windows Explorer. Recursive directories will be processed automatically.

Copy & Paste: Alternatively, you can select all necessary files and directories in Porta+ FTP Client, click on Menu, Edit then Copy (or press Ctrl+C). Then go to the Windows Explorer, click on Menu, Edit and then Paste (or press Ctrl+V).
Note: This is the only option that you can use for the Pocket PC version, as handheld devices do not support the Drag & Drop operation.

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