How to keep Pocket PC files synchronized with a desktop computer.

In order to use the same database file on a desktop computer and on a Pocket PC, you must configure the Microsoft ActiveSync to synchronize this file with the Pocket PC.

Open Microsoft ActiveSync on your desktop computer, click on the Tools menu, and select Options. Then, in the Mobile Devices list, make sure the Files option is checked. The first time you do this, a file folder is created to hold the files you want to synchronize, and a shortcut to this folder is placed on your desktop. It will look something like this:

C:\Documents and Settings\{your name}\My Documents\Pocket_PC My Documents

Once you have created the Microsoft ActiveSync synchronization folder, add a subfolder named "My Notes" to this folder. This subfolder and its contents are synchronized and appear in the Pocket PC's My Documents folder (in the main memory).

Store your notes in the "My Notes" subfolder and ActiveSync will keep them synchronized.

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